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Who we are?

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2016,at Qingdao,She is an international and professional manufacturer active in stainless steel pipe fitting、 stainless steel rigging hardware and stainless steel marine hardware.All of the TMT products are manufactured by ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility via investment casting.and all of them are monitored for strict compliance with applicable specifications and standards such as ANSI,ASME,DIN,JIS,BS,ISO, ETC,and the threaded fittings are in well screwed by the NPT,BSPT,DIN,ISO,ETC.

Specifically,it includes the following.

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings

Includes 150PSI,ISO 4144,SP114 series:Elbow,Tee,Cross,Nipple,Hose Nipple,Pipe Nipple,Socket,Red Socket,Socket Banded,Coupling, Plug,cap,Bushing,Union,Nut,Etc.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling and Adaptor

Includes Camlock A-A-59326,Camlock DIN2828,Self Locking Camlock and Camlock Reducer and Camlock Fittings,Etc.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Valve

Includes 1PC Screwed Ball Valve,2PC Screwed Ball Valve,2PC Flanged Ball Valve,3PC Screwed Ball Valve,3PC Butt Welding Ball Valve,3PC Screwed Welding Ball Valve, 3PC Flanged Ball Valve,Screwed Three Way Ball Valve,Screwed Globe Valve,Screwed Gate Valve,Screwed Swing Check Valve,Screwed Y Strainer,Etc.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware

Includes US Type,JIS Type,DIN Type:Shackle,Wire rope clip,Turnbuckle,Wire joint,Eye bolt/nut,Snap hook/Cargo hook,Ring,Swivel block,Thimble,Door holder,Swivel,U-bolt,Steel wire rope,Chain,Staming parts,Other casting products,Etc.

Investment Casting Stainless Steel Marine Hardware

Includes Cleat/bollard,Anchor holder,Stanchion/Pipe base,Top slide/Cap,Deck hinge,Hinge,Hasp,Foor lift set/Lock body,Through hull outlets,Deck filler,Tank vent,Air vent,Etc.

Sales network

All our products have been marketed to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, such as US, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, UK, Australia, Russia, Turkey, U.A.E., Saudi Arabic, Isreal, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia and so on.

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd

What we can do ?

Our manufacturing plant is located in Binzhou City,covering an area of total 20,000 square meters,contains two casting factories and 2 machining factories.We use the technology of lost wax casting and 28 sets of high-precision NC machines to make sure we can market at least 800tons of stainless steel products to all over the world annually.

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd

How we do?

All the pipe fittings are designed & manufactured strictly according to the international standars such as ANSI,ASME,DIN,JIS,BS,ISO, ETC and domestic standars.

All Camlocks are manufactured strictly by the standards of A-A-59326 or DIN 2828.

All products have been certified by ISO9000:2008 system.

All products can be excellently manufacted according to the custom’s samples or drawing in addition to our existing moldsor as per other requirements.

Why are we ?

Our experienced professional technical team includes total one hundreds and eighty workshop workers,total twenty professional technicians and eleven engineers.Everyone of them perform his own roles and does his conscientious duty efficiently to ensure that all the products are in good condition.and the obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate futher strenthen the our product quality .So,we will be your head elected and reliable partner and best suppiler!

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd

Shandong TMT Industry Co.,Ltd